IMG_0229A couple of sleepless nights and the creativity center of my brain is dead. The fountain from which words spring is off.

Feeling the need to something (anything!) constructive, I trashed boxes of old bills and pay stubs. That was a mistake because it brought up thoughts of being thisdamnclose of living on the streets. Perhaps there’s a little exaggeration, but it’s eyeopening how little I was paid back then and yet five people managed to survive, There was a lot of sacrificing in those days.

To counter those memories, I spent a few minutes looking for happy memories (or as some would call it, my happy place)(I will never call it that). There will always be The Awesome Grandsons. There’s the Gorgeous Editor and The Amazing Next Generation (including the scruffy nerfheaderer who does a fine job of raising TAGs). And the the rest of the relations all over the country, too numerous to list in this space.

Baseball. Baseball. Baseball.

There’s the writing because maybe someday a friend I haven’t met will be entertained or at least interested in it.

Music, It’s taken on a special place with my decreasing ability to hear the high notes. I can’t listen to Mozart like I used to, except for Requiem. Lots of bass in that. Thank you, Amadeus.

Good weather.

Sleeping through the night.


The satisfaction of falling asleep next to the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.

And waking up next to that same person.

Dancing badly.

Singing off key and making up words along the way.

A hard bike ride.

Kind people who’ve no reason to be nice to strangers other than that’s how they were raised. Nicely done, people.

Battlestar Galactica. Every single episode was strong, top to bottom, in a way no other TV show can mimic. The Dark Knight, the best of its genre and one of my Top 25 films. Both are proof that reboots are not a bad thing.

The Information and Technology Age. (By the way, you have access to the complete works of humankind through that smartphone in your pocket and you use it to take pictures of lunch. Seriously?)

Walls falling everywhere. My life started before the Civil Rights Act, wide-scale desegregation, and the right to vote without paying for it. Since then, the walls have been falling everywhere. Exciting times.

Okay, that’s better. Thanks for listening.

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