You Are Batman

Writers are Batman and Bruce Wayne. For most of us, our day jobs (“Bruce”) pave the way for our night job (“Batman”). We run the rat race to finance our wicked and fun hobbies of writing and self-publishing, plus to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.

Some of us separate the two identities in their own compartments, while others blend them together, being “loud and proud” at work about our books and writing accomplishments. I try to keep them apart. Writing is my escapism from my day job. My rules in my worlds.

Lately, it’s been impossible to separate them. While the details are not germane, significant changes at the day job affected my Batman mode, so the desire to write, edit, and plot are not there today. The Batcave is empty.

I’m not worried. This is a good time for a break, and the break’s not permanent. The beta readers are pouring over the current POC, so I can pause without feeling the pressure to produce. And I’ve done this writing thing long enough to know that while I’m lost in the woods today, I’ll find the path soon enough, maybe even this week.

Until then, Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Brien will have to chase Rogues Gallery without me.

But I’ll be back.


I swear.

Artwork by Danny Haas.

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