What Did You Say?

Writers love metaphors and similes like peanut butter loves honey. We whip them out faster than shit through a goose and hope they hit the reader like a ton of bricks. Done right, they tickle our funny bone or make us cry like babies. Done wrong and it’s cricket-city.

They’re a key part of our writing toolkit. We use them to express emotion and action so readers can relate to our words and meaning on an emotional level, no matter where their background, culture, or location. It helps that human nature and physiology are our ally because no matter where you live, a smile is a smile.

Even so, metaphors and similes are dangerous ground because the author often forgets they’re not always universal. A sub can be a poorboy, a pop can be a soda, and a slice can be pizza. The trick, I suppose, is to tread carefully and know your audience.

This random blog topic came to mind tonight as I watched a fireman throw an Uncle Charlie in the Friendly Confines.

(Drop mic.)

(And now a word from our sponsor: The Author’s Page. Thank you.)

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