Update: ASIN Part Two

Hey, all. A quick note to thank you for reading and (from the reviews) enjoying “A Sheriff in Nevada.” I’ve been on break from the sequel while a most excellent cadre of beta readers combed through the draft. Their feedback was both excellent and informative, and I’ve quite the task ahead fixing and updating the WIP.

This was the first time I asked folks other than The Bride to read a draft, and the experience was positive. They also gave me marching orders: “Get to work!” I will comply. Thank you, beta readers, for your diligence and thoughtful comments.

When will the second book be released? Good question! Considering the WIP doesn’t have a title, yet, I’d say this year for certain, but that’s all I’ll commit to for now. You’ll know the release is close when I start whining about a cover.

In the meantime, please continue to take care of yourself and each other. Thanks much!

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