Turmeric-Yellow Taxis

Bought a book of writing prompts and exercises  to help kick-start the dormant writing career. Let’s see how long I stick with the words.

#1. Write down the colors of various herbs and spices and then use these spice/color couplets to describe the color of something else, suck as turmeric-yellow New York taxis.

Personal challenge: I’m not a cook and know nothing about spices and herbs, outside of salt and pepper. Spent more time doing the research than the writing.

“The streetlight through the motel curtains turn the walls into a shade close to curry yellow, reminding him he hadn’t eaten Indian food since they last loved each other in a humid Kansas night …”

“As I ran towards her supine body, her blonde hair masking her face, I was struck by the elderberry-purple shade of blood gushing from the arterial cut…”

“He was stung by her accusation, his face turning chili-pepper red, though she was unsure if it was from her tone or that she’d finally learned the truth…”

“He passed his hand over the coriander-yellow scarf, smoothing it flat across the casket, remembering better days that would be remembered by him alone from this day forward…”

“She resisted ruffling his cinnamon-brown hair, capturing in memory the image of snowflakes mixed with his thick curls atop a face framed with blue eyes and a strong chin…”

“The mud on the SUV nearly hid the nutmeg-brown chassis’ distinct features, not the least being the indented fender that clearly ended her client’s life…


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