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Yesterday, somebody asked me if I was making any profits from this publishing gig. “Heck, no,” I laughed. “I’m losing money hand over fist. Next time, I’m going to buy the PS4 I wanted and throw my money away that way.”

Yeah, you have to be a little odd in the head to take up writing as a night job. Few, if any, will care and the rest will think of you as, well, odd in the head. The problem is I have to do something other than “Left 4 Dead”, “Half Life 2”, and such. There’s only so much bike-riding I can do, too. And who know, maybe I’ll earn enough money to buy a box of Red Vines.

Writing News:
– Going to publish “A Thousand Chariots” today or tomorrow. It’s a love story about a priest and a nun and their troubled lives. My Gorgeous Editor (MGE) thinks this has a potential for a series.
– Got another draft to clean up and ship off to MGE. This one is about a bunch of people who will help change the world (and it has a love story).
– There’s a 30K-word novella somewhere on this PC that’s begging for attention. It may end up in the “Thousand Chariots” universe. It will shock you to learn it’s a love story.
– Finally, I’ve been working off-and-on on a weird little tale about an amnesiac because when writers run out of ideas, they turn to amnesia plots (people with blank slates writing about people with blank slates – go figure). And…wait for it…it’s a love story.

That’s how I roll.

Enough procrastinating. Time for me to get back to work. Take care.


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