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Well, I’ve come to a decision. My most successful book to date (relatively speaking) was the first Emma Parks book, “Hope Knocks Twice.” Emma is a newbie social worker in Child Protective Services who gets tossed in the deep end of the pool. She quickly has to adjust to her new fast-paced life while working for a demanding boss and maybe, just maybe, finding love along the way.

My partner-in-crime, Cassidy Carson, loved the book and wanted a sequel as a Christmas present last year. I turned Emma’s continuing adventures into my Nanowrimo project, and Cassidy got her Christmas present.

The sequel will be this year’s JT Hume project and I plan to serialize it, posting a chapter a week to my main web site. It will be months before posting starts because I wrote for speed last November, not so much for content. I’ll probably start it over to be safe, then shoot it to an editor. There’s no timeline here if you’re looking for one because this is going to take months. If it’s not done by November, then I’ll skip Nano this year to focus on getting things done.

I hope this is good news for you. It is for me. Sometimes half the battle in writing is the same as it is in running: getting yourself pointed in the right direction. I feel a great weight lifted from my shoulders. Now it’s time to get to work!

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