Three More Dots

Hello and Happy Almost New Year. Bruce Jenkins at the SF Chronicle carries on the tradition of publishing various topics under “Three Dots,” so let’s do some updates for the JT Hume universe using the same tool. (This is really my not-so-clever way of getting my brain organized for the upcoming year. Bear with me as I hop around the map.)

You wouldn’t know it from the (lack of) reviews, but A Sheriff in Nevada: Downfall is my most downloaded book. Whether it is my most read book remains to be seen, but considering it’s been out for two months, the download numbers are amazing. Cassidy Carson has been saying for years to write more sequels. New rule: do what she says and no questions. Got it?

My Twitterati know that the draft of the third Emma Parks book is in the Beta Reader stage. I’ll probably open a cover design contest on 99Designs tomorrow. The manuscript will go to the editors sometime in January, depending on feedback. The graphic above says March 17th is the release, but that date is looking weak due to real life. It may get pushed back to April.

Either way, this was a fun book to write and the “easiest” book to write, if there is such a thing. Once I sat down, I wrote 80K words in less than two months. The book flowed through me to the keyboard, and there was an emotional punch in the guts when I was done. I hope I haven’t fallen in love with it because there are “issues” that need to be resolved in editing and plot. Still, It was a fond memory.

If the Emma Book 3 release date is slipped, that may domino down to the third Sheriff book. The first two books in the series were released on Nevada Day in 2018 and 2019, respectively, and I’d like to release the third one on October 31, 2020, but considering I haven’t written a word, that could be tough. On the other hand, I did my best work in school and college by waiting until the last minute. “Desperation is Wonderful Inspiration.”

After the third Sheriff book is published (whenever that is), I plan to compile the three books of the two series (Emma and Sheriff) into separate compendiums only because I wish more authors did that. Plus it will be cool to have nine books on my Kindle library, even if it’s cheating a little.

After that? I don’t know. There’s two books in my library that I’d like to rewrite and republish because they have great potential. The first was poorly plotted and executed, and eventually I took it off my site because I was ashamed of my half-ass effort. The second book is on the Kindle web site under another pen name. It is way outside my comfort zone and is quite graphic. Back then, I wrote to see if I could. Now, I want to tone it down and bring it into the JT Hume library.

And there’s also my ever-growing Ideas folder that takes the form of Sirens to my Odysseus. I made the mistake of diving into it this week and found a completed manuscript that never saw the light of day. It was so close…

That’s all for now, folks. I appreciate you downloading my books. As always, I beg you to post a review on Kindle because “Reviews Create Better Writers.” Let’s put a smile on Morris’ face, okay? Thank you!

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