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Here we go: the first chapter of “Saturday’s Child” is online and ready for you. It’s human nature to ask questions, so let me try to anticipate them:

What is “Saturday’s Child”?
Two-part answer to this question. First, it is the sequel to “Hope Knocks Twice,” the book that introduced Emma Parks to the world. This second book continues her adventures, except on a more personal level. The second part of the question is “Saturday’s Child” is a line from an old nursery school poem that starts, “Monday’s Child, full of grace…”. Here’s the Wikipedia link.

Who is Emma Parks?
The hero of our stories. She’s a brand-new Child Protective Services social worker who’s trying to cope with the new world of both being a wage earner and living on her own dime. The first book took her through her first week of the job: meeting the boss and co-workers, seeing the rewards and dangers of being a CPS worker, and maybe finding someone important to her. The second book continues this, but there’s also a deeper dive into her past, too.

Are you a CPS social worker?
No. I did work in Child Protective Services for many years in a support role to the CPS workers, so some of the stories in the books have a framework from real life. But I did not draw specifically from those experiences. You could find these and many other tragic stories through a simple Google search. By the way, the first Emma Parks book is dedicated to my former colleagues in CPS.

Why are you offering this book for free?
Why not? It goes to the core of what drives a writer to the keyboard. Do we want to tell a story? Do we want make a change in the world, or at least leave something behind? Do we want to get paid? If my sole motivation was money, Emma would be a zombie searching for brains or she’d be hanging with baby dragons. It’s not to say I don’t want to get paid; I may compile the chapters later and post it to Amazon if there’s demand.

What was the hardest part about writing a sequel?
Keeping the names straight! I felt so sorry for my editors because I couldn’t keep my characters’ names consistent, even though I had the spreadsheet open on the second screen (head-desk-thump). Seriously, though: please, please, please tell me if you find a mistake. The upside of doing a serial like this is I can fix errors on the fly.

When will new chapters be posted?
Probably Thursday nights so I can take advantage of the usual Twitter hashtags.

Will there be a third Emma Parks book?
I won’t say yes or no. Read the first two books and let me know what you think.

If you’re ready, head on over to the main web site and read the first chapter. Thanks!

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