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I need a fantastic label for my followers because you are fantastic, but nothing comes to mind. Hume-ans? No. “Hummers” is worse for many reasons, so let’s not go there. Let’s focus on two bits of news from Hume writing universe.

If you’re a Twitter follower, then you know I’m slogging through the last five chapters of “Downfall,” the second Sheriff in Nevada book. The rewrites are going well, and they will propel us into the third book. I’ve never worked harder on any previous book, and I hope it all works for you. I’m doing my best to make sure you’ll have a quality product when the book is released on the real Nevada Day, 2019.

(Here’s the usual reminder that “Downfall is available for pre-order or preorder (I need to pick one). Here’s the direct Link: )

The other bit of news is I’ve settled on a writing and publishing schedule:

  • November 2019: The thirty days of Nanowrimo will be Emma Parks Book 3. The cover of book 2 is above.
  • First Quarter 2020: Publish this third book.
  • Second Quarter 2020. Write the third Maggie Doane book.
  • Nevada Day 2020: Publish the third Maggie Doane book.
  • Random date in 2020: Publish compilation of the three Emma Parks books.
  • Random date after October 2020: Publish compilation of the three Maggie Doane books.

I’m sticking pins in the calendars to keep me honest to you, my fantastic followers, and to me. Deadlines and schedules motivate me, and the above schedule is reasonable.

I appreciate your patience as I sound this out, and I’m glad you’re alongside for the journey. But we really need a neat group name, too. Send ideas! Thanks.

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