slackerI got the art of doing nothing down to an…uh…art.

– Had a meal at the Carson Nugget.
– Lost money on Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune.
– Watched a motorcycle cops contest.
– Walked to Lowes.
– Walked to Office Depot.
– Talked to a lady about why her favorite coffee place was moved.
– Walked to County Outfitters.
– Walked to Schats and bought artery-blocking goodies. There was OJ involved.
– Went to a garage sale.
– Talked to a colleague who happened to be driving by.
– Caught up on the social networks.
– Set up a Chromebook for The Gorgeous Editor (TGE).
– Swapped emails with The Awesome Aunt.
– Set up a web site and email for TGE.
– Downloaded a song from iTunes.
-Watched back-to-back videos of Jimmy Fallon having his ass handed to him (here and here). No idea why.
– Played too much Bejeweled, Chess, and Backgammon.
– Wrote and edited this blog entry.

Time to go edit. Bleh.

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