The Lede: if you’re eager to wrap yourself around “A Sheriff in Nevada: Downfall,” the preorder link will be live on Kindle around August 2, 2019 for the release date of October 31, 2019. As a reward for your patience, “A Sheriff in Nevada” will be free on Saturday, August 3, as well as all other books in my bookshelf (if Kindle allows). There will be reminders on social media.

[The below applies to indy writers who self-publish through Kindle. The rest of you can return to your lives.]

Pretend this is a long blog post about the troubles and tribulations of preordering the sequel to “The Sheriff in Nevada” because you wanted to read such a post (really, you did). Then I donated blood this afternoon and got lightheaded more than usual. Things are fine, but the long-blog-post-writing mojo disappeared. Lucky for you, huh?

Cassidy Carson finished and updated her draft of “ASIN: Downfall,” and the manuscript was shipped off to the editors. Engage: stomach butterflies. This flavor of willies is the same kind of stomach acid that I endured in public K-12 and hundreds (literally) of college classes. I have never gotten used to presenting my work for review, which is funny considering the number of books I’ve published. Nevertheless: ick.

With the book off to the editors, time for the book cover. As I am slower than bread mold in accepting new internet toys, I discovered Adobe Spark only yesterday and used to build a placeholder cover. It’s in the above image, tilted to the right. Cassidy Carson used Canva to build the rest of the image, and I admit it’s rather snazzy. I won’t use those apps to build the final cover, but if you’re looking for placeholders, both those apps worked well with minimal effort.

When setting up the preorder on Kindle, ran into a funny little policy that forbids mainstream authors from seting a preorder date longer than ninety days prior to publication. If you’ve submitted a book for presale (quoting the Kindle email) “through a distribution channel different from Amazon,” you can set the preorder date longer than ninety days. Bottom line: unsuccessful indy authors like me have ninety days max limit for preorder dates on their books. I sent feedback that Kindle should expand the preorder span of time to allow for increased business and profits, but expect nothing to come of it. If you’re contemplating the life on an indy writer, here’s one more detail to remember.

As for the Kindle Create app, it is soooo much easier to work than the old days when we had to format using bear skins and lambs blood. If you have a phobia from those days, you can move on because this app imports and converts Word documents with no hassle. You still have to review every page for proper formatting, but the process is slick. If some writers are having hassles, it may be the original Word document. My rule is to make the manuscript as simple as possible, and use as few special characters and fonts as I can (heck, I wrote this blog post in Notepad if that’s a clue). After Kindle Create finished converting “Downfall,” I spent maybe two hours cleaning it up before transferring it to Kindle. That’s a big improvement.

I’m running out of steam, so if you’re looking for more hints and such on indy publishing, you can reach me through this site or on Twitter. I’m happy to share all because we’re all in this together: one of us being successful makes all of us successful. Take care and thank you for reading.

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