October 31

The next release date is creeping up fast, though one wonders if we can “creep fast.” The book that I and many others have been working on will be released on Thursday, October 31, and this one has been both a pleasure and burden to write and edit. I think we got all the dangling participles undangled, and all the “who/where/when” connected to the right nouns, but no book is ever perfect. We do our best and hope for the best.

(Side story: The Awesome Aunt was a technical editor for one of the “big” publishers. We were in Borders, and she showed me blatant errors in the mainstream books missed by the editing team. Humans happen, folks.)

First things first: Saturday, October 19 is the Big Cover Reveal! This one is a little different than my covers from the past, but the artist did a fine job of capturing eastern Nevada in my mind.

The fun is not over. As part of the release, free books! There must be a few of you seven billion readers that don’t have my books. What is up with that, anyway?

Here’s the release dates and links:
Friday, October 18 to Sunday, October 20: Duties Faithfully Executed
Monday, October 21 to Wednesday, October 23: Hope Knocks Twice (Emma Parks, Book 1)
Thursday, October 24 to Saturday, October 26: Saturday’s Child (Emma Parks, Book 2)
Sunday, October 27 to Tuesday, October 29: A Sheriff in Nevada (Book 1)

Which all leads up to the Big Event:
Thursday, October 31: A Sheriff in Nevada: Downfall (Book 2)

It feels amazing to write those words a full year after the book first germinated in my mind, then had it Beta’d by excellent readers, and edited by Cassidy Carson and my exceptional editors. I’m thrilled and tired even thinking about it!

Is it a good book? I think so, but its value depends on more objective metrics. Unless there is a miracle, I will take a bath financially like I do for every book, but emotionally, there is no feeling like publishing a book. Half a dozen book premieres later, there is no buzz like saying, “Here’s my author page” and people seeing my works out there.

And I hope you’re not tired of me because I have six releases in the upcoming two years: two new books, two compendiums, and two rewrites of previously published works. After that, I will attack my ever-growing “New Ideas” folder.

If you’ve been part of my journey in any way, thank you, thank you, thank you. “I write for me and I edit for you,” as a wise indy writer once tweeted. And I’m glad to do it for all of us. Take care.

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