Thousand Chariots - smaller(Quick reminder that A Thousand Chariots is out there for your reading pleasure. Really interested what you think about it!)

Formatting and publishing an e-book on Amazon is a tedious chore (don’t use tabs!) and though they try their best, they still limit authors to two broad categories with Fiction and Non-Fiction. The problem with this is, so far, I don’t “niche” and never been able to. The most boring jobs were the repetitive ones were every day was the same, so I’ve done all I can to avoid these careers. This philosophy has wormed its way into my writing.

Here’s the problem with not doing niche: how the heck do I classify my books? Since we’re limited to the two categories, Amazon allows us to insert seven keywords or tags to aid their customers when they search for new books. My seven keywords:

Duties Faithfully Executed : Politics, Military, President, Memoir, Campaign, Afghanistan, Election

A Thousand Chariots : Love, Passion, Politics, Catholic, Paranormal, Demon, Exorcism

Picking the words wasn’t too bad for Duties, but Chariots was a headache. I am all over the place and can be accused fairly of doing too much with one cover. So be it. If I’m writing it, then I have to be interested in it. Otherwise, it gets chucked regardless of word count.

Robert Heinlein wrote in Time Enough for Love: “Specialization is for insects.” Master Heinlein’s works were a great influence on my teenage years and this quote in particular. I truly believe that we’re all better than we think we are, and I try to express that in my writing. We have the capability and responsibility to grow and be better than we were a decade ago or even last year.

Let’s continue to grow and rock on. Thanks.

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