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If you’re a writer and you’re lucky enough to have had a book cover animated by Morgan Wright, then you absolutely should show it off. Soon after my cover for “Downfall” was engineered by Ms. Wright, I learned that I could post her work on my Amazon Author Page. Fellow scribe Gina Maxwell requested a tutorial, so here we go.

Go to your Amazon author page. Here’s mine, topped by this rather handsome fellow (or he is if you believe my grandmother)(and my grandmother is never wrong). Before proceeding, feel free to click on the video of my cover as animated by Ms. Wright and be amazed.

The link you need is in the lower left. Nice how Amazon hides it.

If you’re all set up as a writer on Amazon, you should see this page. Well, this is the only page I’ve ever seen, so if your experience is different, you may want to stop here and not follow my instructions.

Where do you go from here? Amazon doesn’t really help unless you read the fine print. Even then, the keyword of “multimedia” doesn’t jump out. At least I give you a red arrow.

Almost there. Again, this is the only page I’ve seen. Your experience may very.

Now we’re going to the lower right of this page.

I’m going to stop here and let you experiment with your cover on your author page because, again, your experience may be different than mine.

Either way, it would be nice if Amazon made upload process more intuitive, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they redesign the process soon and make this post obsolete. I am absolutely fine with that!

In the meantime, post a link in the remarks when you upload your animated cover. If enough writers send me their links, I’ll be happy to create a central page on my web site for your viewing pleasure. Hope this all helps!

Edit: I should have mentioned that it appears you can upload multiple multimedia files (and pictures) if you choose. I encourage wiser and braver folks to drop their experiences in the remarks. Thanks!

One more edit: Gina has important information to add (link).

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