May Day

A well-adjusted person is one who makes the same mistake twice without getting nervous. – Alexander Hamilton

What about once?

Okay, reality check time. I didn’t make a mistake in projecting an Emma Parks book release on March 17. Yes, the preliminary date was optimistic, but I’ve done short turnarounds on books in the past and gotten away with the crime.

Not this time. Between my amateur editing, beta readers’ feedback, and waiting on the professional editors, the original release date of March 17th goes bye-bye and is replaced by May Day, 2020. The extra weeks will give me more time to produce a quality product worthy of your 99 cents.

The manuscript is at the editors, the title of the book has been chosen, and the book cover is being drafted right now. Everything is coming together. Just not at the pace I wanted, but oh well.

This delay has a downstream effect on the third book in the Maggie Doane series. There will most likely not be a release on October 31 now (boo!) because the pressure to produce will override the quality of the book. Not going to let that happen again. (There’s also the minor, not insignificant that I haven’t written a word, but that detail usually works itself out.)

For now, everything is on track for the May Day release without me screaming, “Mayday!” Appreciate your continued support and patience. Thank you!

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