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I may have dated myself with this blog post’s title.

Home on Sick Leave and bored out of my skull, so I’m looking for honest employment. I can’t do my day job from home, but I got this cool writing thing going on.

Would y’all like to see some sample chapters on “Downfall”?

Of course, you would.

The draft is off to the editors for the second round of undangling participles and such, so the usual caveat applies about gaffes and other mistakes you may (will) find in the draft chapters. As an aside, Chapter One may not survive in its present form for one reason or another.

My hope is the sample chapters will spurn more preorders. Let me know if you find mistakes, and spread the word: 65 days until “Downfall” is all yours!

The free chapters are on my main web site. Here you go! Aloha!

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