I Will Buy Your Book

Last Update: The DMs are closed and this offer has ended (more sad trombone). I ran out of money and hit the budget limit, BUT there are 38 new books in my library. Thank you for reading and participating!

Update: I’ve downloaded 30+ books! Due to this fantastic response, I have to end this on Monday, March 16 at 10:00 AM PST. I don’t want to, but money doesn’t grow on trees. What do you think? I’m made of money? LOL. Reading these books will be fun! Thank you!

Dear Writer.

I’m blessed with extra spending money, and am socially distant at the moment (you know what I mean), so I will buy your book. Here’s how:

  1. Slide into my Twitter DMs at @JT_Hume.
  2. Tweet me a link to your best Kindle book.
  3. I will buy your book.

No conditions, no rules, no nothing. I’m not expecting you to do the same for me, so I’m not linking my books.

I’m looking forward to reading your best work. If your book makes an impression, I’ll post a review.

Why am I doing this? We independent writers must support each other during these times, and when one of us is successful, we’re all successful.

What have you got to lose? Nothing. Go crazy. Let’s go, people!

Virtual hugs and strength to all,


The Inevitable Edit: The response has been fantastic, and yes, I’m buying Kindle books. This is fun. I will not be able to respond from work* on Monday, but I will respond after work. I will continue to buy Kindle books in the order submitted and I will reply to all DMs eventually. Regrettably, I will shut the spree down when I hit my budget. Keeping tweeting at me and thanks!

* If I go to work on Monday. Who knows???

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