hok-1bI’m in the midst of editing Chapter Eight and I am bored out of my skull. I love writing. I love it when the creative juices are flowing, and I’m hitting the keys with the rhythm of pistons in a high performance engine. When I get an idea, I am flying. I may not be a good writer, but I’m a happy one.

Editing is chained to Row 17, center seat, on an old wooden ship, pulling and lifting my oar to the drumbeat of an unseen slave driver as we cross stormy seas. Yeah, it’s bit of a drag because it’s not creative. I’m fixing mistakes that I made weeks or months ago when I was a happy camper.

As a Band-Aid, I’m posting haiku on my twitter feed to remind myself that not too long ago, I was a word-meister. It’s a tiny bit of fun…until I back-read them (below). Gad, I’m a dreary fool. I’ll pick the tone up a little from now on.

Maybe someday I’ll compile these puppies and post a book of poetry like my dear Grampapa. He was quite the word-meister himself in his day.

Mouse, you shall not stray
Click not on Netflix “Red N”
Edit, Edit Now!

To write, to edit
A deep dive for words of love
Another night gone

Editing a book
A war with myself over prose.
Adverbs grow like weeds!

twitter, facebook, gak!
Must Be Social, write later.
The book draft stays closed.

Time to Edit words
Life passes by my window
My own world awaits

A chapter is done
I stand atop a summit
Steeper hills await

Biking or edit?
Hard work or Vitamin D?
Lamest #haiku ever

Edit: Must Focus.
Razor sharp eyes locked on task.
Look! A pretty cloud!

Chapter 8 edits:
sex, love, food, booze, Family
Heaven on my screen

(This one was from the night spent apart from The Bride while she was out of town.)

A door closed, she’s gone
A white screen displayed, empty
My heart beats alone

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