They hover above the piano of my mind,
the notes yet unheard, waiting for lyrics,
unclear and misted by doubtful purpose.

A ballet for one, the half of a two to be?
An adagio search for red roses
from a future love, a matching heart.

A hiphop cacophony of passion, power?
Streetwise energy and impotent hope,
Where bravado is a doorway to death.

A march for the lost youth sent to a useless war?
Our nation’s future dissolves in DC
While “pundits” still count Hilary’s emails.

The tapdance of fury between partners no more?
Their hands once joined, never again, love lost
In tearful, unraveled fidelity.

A ragtime tune for a dancing classic couple?
Their shared smile masking grey hairs and slow joints,
Gray photos on the wall as their downbeat.

They hover, ready but unsure, directionless
A blank sheet ready for a conductor.
A baton taps the beat. Get set. I write.


To paraphrase the stage adage, “Writing is easy, poetry is hard.” I subscribe to a daily poetry email, and am often left agog at the learned poets’ use of visualization and grammar. There is no single set style or arrangement that stands out, but there are days when I close the email and say, “Wow.”

The poetry emails are my lifeline to sanity because I’m not writing at the moment. I’mm editing, therefore I am not creating or fully using my imagination. This most technical aspect of our craft is also the most boring, so the above is a little detour back into the realm of creativity.

For this looking for insight into the creation of the above, I again forced myself to a set structure of syllables (12/10/10). The obvious theme is music in writing, and hopefully this one is not too obscure. Music is intertwined in every thing we do and feel, and writing as a composer puts it all on paper. This poem was a fun one, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it.

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