Eastern Nevada (Cover Reveal)

Writers will relate to the jumping-off-the-cliff feeling of seeing the cover for your book because people do judge your book by the cover. Case in point:

Yeah, not one of my covers. It was submitted as part of a 99designs contest for Saturday’s Child (which is free this week, btw). The artist withdrew it after I sent them a message full of laughter and glee, plus a warning about copyright infringement. After all, this is Kate Beckinsale from the Underworld franchise. Nice try.

When you browse my Amazon author page, you’ll see the Emma Parks books and the first Sheriff book have a similar theme of the main character in a big setting.

This is especially true with Maggie in eastern Nevada which is a huge piece of real estate. We’re talking the size of states here. Elko County in our upper corner can hold three states the size of Connecticut. (Nevadans are used to the East Coast disconnect on state size, but I digress.)

For Downfall, I made the executive decision to go in a different direction to fit the theme of the book. Still the big country, but no central figure like before. It is authentic Nevada, so that’s a win for me.

Improvement? Digression? Love it? Hate it? The ultimate decision is up to you, the reader, but I like this cover. I hope you do, too.

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