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A few years ago, Joss Whedon gave an interview about his creation, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The interviewer asked about how the heroine always seemed to be the strongest of the characters on the screen at any given time. The question stuck with me more than the answer because it bothered me. Would the interviewer ask the same question if Buffy were a male vampire killer? Why did this person have a problem with a strong woman taking center stage? I swore then if I ever got into the writing gig, “my” women would be tough, and no one would ever have a reason to question their combined strength and femininity.

Roll forward to the present, and I’ve tried to keep that pledge through my books and stories. That may be one more reason why my books don’t sell: people want stereotypes. Men must be strong, and women want to be rescued and cared for. To that I say: bullshit. I will not propagate such idiocy. The strongest people in my life since Day One have been women, and I will respect their strength and impact on my life through my writing. You want frail? Go elsewhere.

Which brings us to my latest work in progress. Yes, it’s another NaNoWriMo project (gotta start somewhere), and this one will end up between the 60-70K word range. It’s coming together like it’s writing itself, always a fun thing. The best part is that it’s Nevada-centric, my home for most of my life. I’ve been meaning to do a Silver State book, but never had the means or inspiration, but this one might just do it.

The end of this WIP is in site, but in keeping with this blog post, I won’t make a promise as to when the rest will be available. There’s the matter of finishing the free book first, but this one will be right behind it. Probably.

Caveats: the posted chapters are very first-draft raw. I don’t like the second chapter yet, so that will get revised at a minimum. As always, this work has the usual national and international copyright protections. I respect yours, so respect mine.

Head over to my site and go to the bottom of the page for the link. Thanks.

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