Carson City sits at the base of the Sierra Highlands which are the foothills of the  Sierra Nevada Range, my home since 1975 (aside from an Air Force enlistment).  The picture here is a common site. When food is scarce, the mountain wildlife travel down to the valleys and bravely hop high traffic zones for sustenance.  Sometimes this ends in tragedy for the deer or the humans, but we manage to get along most times with little to no damage. This guy was probably on his (her?) way to sample the wares at Starbucks (white building in the background).

The point of this post? No idea. I started typing this morning and got lost along the way. Maybe I should go with “Life finds a way.” Not an original quote by any means but worth repeating in this time of burdens. We’ve so many, what with family and work and the instant age of information where we instantly learn of troubles in faraway lands.

Hang in there,  folks, and try not to let things get you down. Holler if you need a little strength. And keep dodging them high traffic zones, okay?

(Update: Going to try out a few WordPress themes, so expect unexpected changes. Sort of like Life itself.)

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