“Designed to be worn underneath clothing.”
“Adjustable Shoulder Straps With Detachable Pads.”
“Easy to attach a wide variety of gear and accessories.”
“A vital device in almost any tactical atmosphere.”
“Excellent protection at an affordable price.”
“Comprehensive protective coverage and enhanced mobility.”
“Full flexibility for slaying back country powder.”
“Holds armor in place and prevents sagging.”
“Easy to don and doff.”
“Casual comfort with a professional appearance.”

Yet nowhere does Google say they stop arrows aimed for the the heart.

[I was researching cop tactics and gear for my books (hi, NSA!), and was fascinated by the wide range of offensive and defensive tools. Body armor has a special mystique with a brand of machismo (male and female) that says, “You can hit me, but you can’t kill me.” The armor can stop almost any bullet, depending on the type and dollars. Then I got to thinking about what these vests can’t stop and here we are.]

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