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Ah, the Information Age. Folks say they wish they were born in different times, the past or future, but this is my time. The Information Superhighway made me the professional I am, for good and bad, and I think I’ve got a fair handle on most of the IT tools handed me. Every once in a while, though, something goes akilter and I’ve no clue how to fix it. Last night, it was this blog. Everything was here for you, my loyal followers, but you had to scroll down past a hundred error messages. After an hour of dramatic angst and chest beating, the blog is working now, I hope.

These troubles were worrisome because I feared they would interfere with the overdue debut of the book cover for Saturday’s Child. Lo and behold, the dark clouds parted and the cover is posted on the internet. Give it up to my fabulous partner of thirty-plus years, Cassidy Carson, as she guided me through the creation and selection of the final version.

Loyal readers know that SC is the sequel to Hope Knocks Twice, the adventures of newbie CPS worker Emma Parks. The second cover follows the same scheme as the first, and I’m very happy with Jarmilla’s cover, the result of a book cover contest through 99designs. I recommend her professional work and invite you to visit her site.

Publication follows the book cover reveal, so this weekend will be spent doing one last manuscript edit. The book will then be formatted for Kindle and posted to Amazon this Sunday or Monday. If you have not yet read the free book on my site, time is running out!

For now, please hop over to Facebook and drop some love (or hate) in comments. All feedback welcome!

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