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Good news! The content editor finished the review of ASIN: Book Two!
Bad news! The content editor finished the review of ASIN: Book Two.

So much to fix…so little time…
Twenty-seven pages… #facepalm
There goes my next two weekends…

Still scanning the feedback from the content editor and trying not to feel overwhelmed. As is my nature, I see the problems first: misplaced exposition, lopsided beginnings and ends, good opening that does not follow through.

OTH, the editor felt the dialogue and characters were good. Cassidy Carson felt my deafness may help with this part of the book. Possible blog post for Monday. Anyway, big weekend ahead.

I’m feeling the stress to get these extensive edits done in time for the October 31 release. More stress than I’m feeling at my day job. I’ll look back someday & wonder how I did it, but I will do it. #deepbreath ##bringiton -fini-

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