Like many folks, I’m struggling with anxiety from current events, so I use hard, honest labor to keep my brain occupied. I stay super-busy at my day job to keep the pandemic at arm’s length (mentally speaking). But the George Floyd murder broke through the wall. I can’t believe shitty cops are still killing unarmed black men, yet here we are and I’m pissed. Colin Kaepernick lost his job for being right. Never forget that.

It’s with this in mind that I am posting another book to Kindle. This should be cause for celebration, but dancing is not my nature when the house band is playing a dirge. I did not celebrate or market my last book published during the current pandemic, and feel no need to push this one, either.

For the record, “Emma Parks CPS Worker” is the Emma Parks series in one book. It will be available for Kindle e-readers on July 1. The paperback will be available around the same time or as soon as I figure out how to create the paperback through Kindle.

I cleaned up Books One and Two, and even sent Book One to professional editors. When they’re done, I’ll upload the corrected copies to Kindle. You’ll be able to download those new updates from KDP for free. Everything will be consistent across the three individual books and the compendium.

I will post the link to the new book soon. Thanks for following along. Be safe. And be pissed off at shitty cops.

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