Chapter 9


Many things to write about: Thanksgiving, NaNoWriMo, the winter of our days, and these interesting times. Instead, I’ll pause to thank those who cannot be with their families this week for whatever reason. It may be due to their service to our country or perhaps they gave the ultimate sacrifice for our way of life. Whatever the reason, this humble writer remembers them, as should we all.

As for this chapter, it is the shortest and perhaps the most emotionally powerful, though there are more strong emotions to be had down the road. Writing it reminded me that the memories of our younger days are powerful and vivid, moreso than today as we trudge through the workdays, one blending into another. I can close my eyes and see my parents laughing together before they parted ways forever, the smell of Thanksgiving Day turkey in my grandparents’ kitchen, and the feelings I had when I held my eldest for the first time.

Read this chapter and get it out of your system, then go back to your good memories: those ones of filled with warmth, smiles, and good times with the loved ones. Thanks for reading and go take care of you.

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