Chapter 6


Wow, what a week. Are you sick of me talking about the Cubs and the greatest Game 7 ever? Well, I regret to inform that the Monday post will talk about the Northsiders one more time, but it will be in a writing vein and worth a few minutes of your time.

I suppose writers, like parents, aren’t supposed to have favorite books or favorite chapters, but Chapter 6 is a sure candidate. It was a lot of fun to write, and yet, I don’t feel like I gave the events full justice. It’s the usual conundrum of balancing plot movement with visualizing the magic of the moment, something that’s always eluded me. Some authors have it down to a science, and they’re so good with their descriptions, I can almost taste the misty rain under the rainbow as it bounces off the warm lake, fooling the small fish as they leap above the surface to catch the raindrops. Or something like that.

Here’s a tiny spoiler for Chapter 6: Emma’s past is catching up to her fast. She better enjoy these good times while they last. Enjoy!

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