Chapter 15

I tend to be a loaner. I don’t dabble in too much sin, and this combined with my personality set and hearing deficiency means a lot of alone time. Before you think I’m whining, there’s a world of difference between being alone and being lonely. Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes is often alone with his imagination, but he is not lonely, thanks to Hobbes.

This week, I was reminded again that it takes a village to publish a book. This book underwent a dozen revisions, two passes by professional editors, and another three revisions before I started posting it. I still missed a significant typo. A kind and sharp-eyed reader found a chapter where I mixed up Devon and Trevor, two of the main characters. After thumping my head against the desk, I fixed the boo-boo, then checked every instance of the name “Devon” (150+ times) and “Trevor” (80+) in the manuscript.

Did I catch every mistake? Probably not, but that’s not uncommon. My Awesome Aunt is a technical editor of positive repute, having helped authors publish their wares for decades. She took me to Borders and pulled three of her company’s books off the shelf to point out their missed mistakes. This is one of those old-school publishers, too. You’d recognize the name if you speak English.

My much-buried point is take advantage of volunteers and others who will give you candid feedback on your drafts. Their fresh eyes are far more likely to catch mistakes than your eyes made weary by reading the same book twenty times. Such friends are diamonds in a sandy beach.

Chapter 15 is up and ready to go. Yes, I checked it before posting, but remember I checked the other chapter, too. Caveat emptor! Thanks.

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