Chapter 10


While I’m often that grouchy blogger on the front porch telling you kids to get off my lawn, there are some pretty awesome things about these days. One of my favorite is workplaces allowing mothers to bring their babies to the office for the first year of their life. We have such a child in our office and he’s a happy lad, and we’re always handing him around because (cough) Mom needs someone to look after him while she’s in a meeting. The kid’s a big moral boost on crappy workdays, and he might have gotten some clothes and gear from the greatest sports team in America, but you never know.

What does that have to do with this week’s chapter? Absolutely nothing. Some of the things that go on in these pages are not picker-uppers, and I needed one at the moment. Happy babies have the power to make me laugh.

I hope you have a happy place and you hit the heck out of it. Take care.


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