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In a dusty basement box, my diplomas on papyrus are disintegrating with the sands of time. Two are related to business, and to earn them, I had to take business classes (surprise). Commerce is not my cup of tea. I do not have the sales gene, or the marketing fibers, or even the self-promotion personality needed to be a success in business. I tried, sucked at it, and moved on.

One thing did stick from the days in the Ansari Building bowels at the University of Nevada: Change or Perish. Businesses must reinvent themselves to be relevant, and to take advantage of emerging technologies. Failing to do so means losing generations of consumers who are always searching for The Next Best Thing.

Writing is perhaps less vulnerable to fads that other enterprises (though I wonder if society will ever stop fixating on zombies). We authors should look at ourselves for opportunities at commercial improvement, or rewrap the packaging so we have the appearance of evolution, at least. I inserted some change on the blog last night. A lot of change, actually, to prepare for the publication of the next WIP (tentatively in October). The design is more reflective of current web technologies, and the posts stick out a little better. Also new on the right:

  • You can receive email notifications whenever there’s a new post. This is old technology, and it should have been on the blog years ago.
  • There’s a link to Twitter for folks who randomly stop by and want to add themselves to my Twitter feed.
  • Finally, there’s a small PayPal donation button for voluntary contributions to the web site. I debated adding this for a while, proving again I don’t have a mind for profit. It doesn’t hurt (I hope), and maybe someone will buy me Starbucks for my next editing session.

I admit that making these changes was fun, and I might update the main site soon. It needs a radical makeover for the reasons given above. No clue what the final template will look like, but I can promise one thing: no zombies. For now, anyway.

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