No Beach To Walk On

scubaIt’s funny how sometimes memories will string together and kick off a flashback. For instance, one of The Next Generation was live-tweeting a favorite Star Trek (TOS) episodes which has Kirk speaking of lost opportunities because of the choices he made to rise to Captain.This line stuck with when I saw this episode decades before many of you were born and it resonated with me today.

For some reason, this two-second clip had me thinking about regrets. My world-traveling grandmother who lived during the horse-buggy-to-space-shuttle era said she had one: that she never went scuba diving. This from a woman with a Stanford graduate degree who touched six of the seven continents and had a thousand other amazing accomplishments.

Regrets are normal because there will always be that road we don’t take: the professional career path instead of college or having children instead of traveling, and before you know it, paths you could have taken are closed off forever.

Or are they? I’m not so sure about that now as I take the new career path away from my comfort zone and towards the great unknown called Writing. It’s not a safe path or even a cheap one, considering the hundreds of dollars already spent. Nothing significant may ever come of it, which is likely considering the dismal sales of my second book (would it kill you to spend 99 cents? (but I digress)). I’m going for it, anyway.

In the end, there will be a small virtual bookshelf out there with my work on it. Maybe people will read them and maybe they won’t. Either way, I won’t have regrets for at least trying.

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