treeOne rule of thumb for drawing web traffic to your sites is to use images pleasing to the eye. I already used The Gorgeous Editor (see previous post), so it was time to troll through the pictures of the various beautiful women in my life. You’ll probably see the daughters down the road, so let’s reserve this space for The Awesome Aunt.

There’s her there back in the Twentieth Century sometime with my seester (sic) and me getting ready for a delicious Christmas dinner with her parents (our grandparents). If you’re looking for a role model, go someplace else because she is mine. Everyone who knows her loves her, she is a creative genius, and she happened to run five miles this morning before 8:00am.

This is on top of being married to the wicked awesome Uncle Mike, and her descendants are just like her: two whip-snap-smart sons, two talented-beyond-words DILs, and her beautiful grandchildren.

She does all this at the young age of 21, which is how I always remember her. She was a college student in Colorado, and she and Sunny the German Shepard drove her VW Bug to stay with us for a short time. She shined then and she’s effervescent now.

Anywho, she has an honored place on my home site because it’s the only way I can think of saying “Thank You” without spending money on her. She hates people spending money on her.

Don’t you wish you were related to her?

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