99 Cent Books

Two edits:
I’m alive and out of bed, and the Monday limitation is deleted. Let me spend my money on you. Send me your 99¢ books. You deserve it!

I’m sick in bed with no energy, so I need a distraction.

Another Book Buy!

Unlike the last one, this one has a few rules:

  • Setting a $50 budget, or
  • Ends Monday night, depending on which limit hits first.
  • Must be a Kindle E-Book.
  • Must be a 99¢ book.
  • Books will be purchased in order of submission.

Send your link to your 99¢ book. My DMs are open at Twitter. You can also email me at jthumebooks AT gmail DOT com.

There were 38 bought books in the last round, and yes, I’m shooting for 51 books this time (you can’t buy 50.5 books). My plan is to scan the 89 books. If you catch my interest, I’ll post a review.

Come on, people. Give me something to do. Thanks!

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