17 Syllables

If I were an optimist, you’d be reading my positive thoughts on the end of our lockdown next week, but I believe our imposed isolation will continue off-and-on through the next few months as the virus crashes in waves on the shoals of our lives. My skin itches from the thought of being indoors on beautiful Spring days, but my pragmatic side sighs loudly and we move on.

I hope your day- and night-jobs are like mine: performed safely within the walls of our mutual homes. If not, please be safe and strong in your service for our communities.

For now, mental strength is the issue as the days blend into each other. My retired Awesome Aunt once said one “hardship” of being free of responsibilities is remembering the day. Saturday is Wednesday. Working at home with minimal excursions is much the same, a “Groundhog Day” existence by another name. While my physical health is much better, my mental health needs some fresh air.

To this end, I am going to write a haiku every day for 100 days. On the surface, this challenge seems like a small hill to climb, and I can’t disagree, especially when it’s a soft chore. I’m terrible at writing poetry, so my hope is the one hundredth haiku is better than the first. Seems a sad endeavor to undertake if you don’t improve as you grow, don’t you think? That works for life in general, too.

Will I publish the collection? No idea. The more important point is if I can do one today…then today…then today. We’ll how it works out.

Feel free to play along. Be strong. Be safe.

[Link to the above haiku.]

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