11689 Days

820605_wedding_partyThe Eighties were an exciting time and 1982 sticks out for me. The personal computer age took a major step forward with Steve Jobs on the cover of Time, the first teenager-released computer virus was released, and lots of people owned the Commodore 64. The Brits ands Argentines sunk ships over a bunch of islands that no one really wanted. A future king of England was born and Henry Fonda died.

And Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn was released on Friday, June 4, 1982. Yes, it’s been 11,689 days since TWoK opened in the little movie theater on Winnie Lane at (what was then) the north end of Carson City. A bunch of us from high school went to the late show to watch Ricardo Montalban’s bare chest. We’d already graduated and were back in town for good times.

Actually, really good times because 11,688 days ago, I married the finest person I’d ever met and ever will meet.

Lots of folks smarter than me have said the most important decision you will ever make is not your school, whether to have children, or your career choice. It will be your partner in life because he or she will shape and continue to shape the kind of person you are. This is especially true for me. Any good thing that I’ve become is because I followed her example.

Tomorrow, we’ll have a quiet celebration dinner at the place where we met, and we’ll talk about old times and how proud we are of The Next Generation (our daughters) and The One After That (grandkids). We’ll eventually call it a night, we’ll roll over and go to sleep, and we’ll wake up on Friday to go to work, and get ready for the weekend.

Day 11,690 looks exciting, doesn’t it? It will be for me because we’ll still be married. It will be a good day.

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